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Crickslab redefines the way you enjoy cricket by giving you the power to track every ball, count every run and manage cricket leagues & matches with international quality.

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Powering Cricket at Every Level

Manage any level of competition from backyard & street cricket to school, University, club and professional matches.

Players, Fans & Umpires

Join matches & clubs, track your stats & games, create private cricket matches, track scores & find friends.

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Cricket Clubs

Manage your club, run leagues & tournaments, nominate officials, manage teams and players, host public matches and more.

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Schools & Universities

Engage with students, please the parents and take your School or University cricket to the next level.

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Coaches & Talent Hunters

Find the top talent from every public match played on Crickslab. Contact players from within the app.

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Match Center Features

Crickslab is a total cricket solution that combines every part of managing cricket into a single match centre on your phone.

  • Match Manager
    Quickly create, join and manage live matches, review old matches, set match rules & manage team rosters.
  • Club Manager
    A one window solution for managing your club with powerful features like player, team & official management plus the ability to run public leagues and tournaments.
  • Live Cricket Scores
    Real-time match scores deliver an international match level experience with ball-to-ball Live commentary.
  • League Manager
    Run different types of leagues & tournaments that each have a dedicated Tournament Page, Schedule, Leader board, Points Table and more.
  • ScoreKeeper
    Ball-by-ball score tracking managed from a single screen that connects to a Live Scoresheet.
  • Player Dashboard
    Access your match & player data, join teams & public matches, invite friends and update your player details.

Match Manager

Quickly create, join and manage live matches, review old matches, set match rules & manage team rosters.

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One-stop Cricket Platform for Complete Club Management

Manage Clubs, Associations & Corporate Leagues with ease!

Crickslab simplifies league and tournament management by letting you choose your tournament structure, setting up the fixtures, keeping track of every game. Player & team registration is all handled within the Crickslab platform and managed with a robust CRM, making it easy to get your members signed-up and ready to play!

  • Create and manage leagues, divisions, tournaments and fixtures.
  • Run public matches.
  • Player & team management.
  • Member registration.
  • Online payment facilities for player, team and league registration.
  • Match Rules management (such as overs per match & balls per over).
  • Ground and venue management.
  • Get a custom club website for your club with all Crickslab features.
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One-Stop Cricket Platform

Upgrade Your Next Competition, Get Your Club On Crickslab

Total match, league, tournament and player management

Upgrade your club, make your life easier and create a better experience for every player with Crickslab 360 cricket management platform. Eliminate manual game tracking while dramatically enhancing the player experience.

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More than just an App, Crickslab is Your Partner in Cricket

We offer a range of services for cricket clubs, associations and educational facilities.

Crickslab provides a variety of services to help you manage your club, improve game day experiences & assist with tournament setup. Our services include:

  • Club Setup
  • Match Management
  • Officials Rental
  • Live Scoreboard
  • Corporate & Club websites
  • Match Videography
  • Corporate Tournament Management
  • Website Widgets
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Crickslab for Players, Fans and Officials.

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As players and fans of the world’s greatest game, we all know that cricket is awesome, but getting those game day figures is why we get up in the morning. Crickslab delivers real-time match data, batting scores and bowling data that you can access any time from your player dashboard.

  • Create ‘Backyard’ cricket matches with your own set of rules
  • Access Crickslab Scorekeeper
  • Create and run Private Matches
  • View team & player stats
  • See real-time scores
  • See all your batting and bowling figures
  • Join teams, clubs & tournaments
  • Find & invite friends to live cricket matches
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Manage School, University & District Cricket

Now players, parents, coaches and admins can track individual, team and even school performance from one platform.
Manage Cricket
Students (the players)

Never miss a score. Get all of your stats for every game you play at school-level. Plus share live scores, matches and results with friends and family!

Parents & Family (the fans)

Never miss a wicket or a boundary from your kids' cricket matches. See games in real-time with live scores, see video replays from match days in case you couldn’t be there.

Schools, Universities & Academies

Manage leagues, tournaments, matches, teams and rosters. Present live scores on the school website or get a custom site where students can sign-up, register and play.

Coaches, Talent Hunters

See all the best talent from every school in your area, around the country or in the world. Get access to player and match data from all official school and university matches.

Are you a talent hunter searching for the best players to recruit?

Are you a talent hunter searching for the best players to recruit? The Crickslab talent hunter is here to make your life a lot easier. With detailed player stats from every match played and stored in a CRM, you can search, contact and recruit the best talent from across the world.
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